Poverty Alleviation
The Foundation has focused on carrying out the ‘sunshine action’ to help the vulnerable groups get out of trouble since 2006. Our clients include elderly people living alone, under-age children with single parent, disease stricken families, poor migrant labors and poor families caused by natural or man-made disasters. At the same time, we appeal the whole society to show their love to the above vulnerable groups and make the society to be more harmonious.
  From Dec. 19, 2006 to Dec. 21, the Charity Foundation of Zhejiang assigned ‘Yunhe Survey Team’ to Yuhe to investigate the 
  poverty-stricken families there.
  The sunshine volunteers went to Yunhe and Lishui on January. 5, 6 and 7, 2007 and donated goods that were worth 500 thousands Yuan to the people there.
   They also visited and consoled the poor families in each village.


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