Ways of Donation

  According to the management rule of Charity Foundation of Zhejiang, the donators can select any public welfare project they want. Based on the willing of the donators, Charity Foundation of Zhejiang is responsible for the implementation and management of the public welfare project and report relevant information to the donators according to the implementation management rules of the public welfare project. After receiving the donation, Charity Foundation of Zhejiang will provide a donation receipt and then return it to the donator according to the filled address. The Charity Foundation of Zhejiang is responsible for the explanation of online donation activities.



Bank transfer
Account for RMB donation
Account #: 19025201040001161
Opening bank: Hangzhou Guanxiangkou Branch of Agricultural Bank of China

Account for foreign currency donation
Account #: 800133991908094013 (HKD) 800133991908094014 (USD)
Opening bank: Business Department of Zhejiang Branch of Bank of China



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