Large-scale donation for education activity 2013 ‘Rainbow Plan’ to be held in Hangzhou

The large-scale donation for education activity ‘Rainbow Plan’ will be held in Wushan Square in Hangzhou on December 14, 2013. On the occasion, the application forms of thousands of poor students will be stuck on the site, so that the kind-hearted enterprises and people from the whole society can choose one to help. Most students in need come from various poor counties and cities in Lishui; on the occasion, we will arrange volunteers and staff to handle the procedure work Finally, we appeal all enterprises and people to participate in the ‘Rainbow Plan’ actively and s...More>>

Zhejiang “Love Incubation Program” Symposium on Construction of Cultivation Base of Love

In the morning of October 16, 2013, Charity Foundation of Zhejiang specially held the First Brain Trust Member Symposium, and 14 people including Yu Bohong, the vice executive chief of Zhejiang Workers’ Daily, and Mao Jianhua, the senior media evaluators, participated in the Symposium. Jiang Yabo, Pu Liping and Huangyan from the head office of “Love Incubation Program” of the Foundation organized the Symposium.        In the Symposium, the members of the expert team expressed their guide idea and implementation advices about the Big Love Pr...More>>

Appropriation for ‘Rainbow Plan’ has been finished successfully in September of this year

 On September 11, 2013, the Foundation allocated funds to 4537 students assisted by “Rainbow Plan” for the second time in this year, which totaled RMB 1096400 Yuan and involved 18 counties and cities. As of October 28, the implementation institutions of each county have reported the information to the Foundation Implementation Department one after another so that the donators can inquire and confirm them. ...More>>

One Foundation cooperating with our Foundation to initiate the large-scale public welfare activity “walk for love

 On September 19, 2013, One Foundation cooperated with our Foundation to initiate the large-scale public welfare activity “walk for love”. “Walk for love” is a public welfare activity which integrates the public welfare concept into the outdoor walk. The participated teams needed to work together to spread the concept ’do my best for the public welfare’ to the people nearby, and raise more donation to help the children in difficulty, besides walking in the mountains and plains to challenge the body extremity. More people experienced the healthy life way...More>>

Zhejiang supports Ya’an donation activity

 On April 20, 2013, 7.0-magnitude earthquake took place in Ya’an of Sichuan; all people in the country cooperated to carry out the earthquake relief work. Charity Foundation of Zhejiang cooperated with Sound of Zhejiang to initiate a compassion motion of ‘supporting Ya’an’. The volunteers held the compassion collection box and walked in the streets of Wulin Commercial Circle in the rain from April 23 to 24. All the donation will be used for purchasing drinking water, solid foods and tents which are needed the disaster areas. We will guard Ya’an with our love!...More>>

Mrs Hong Mei from RPA making a special trip to our Foundation for communication and investigation

 On September 3, 2012, Mrs. Hong Mei from RPA made a special trip to our Foundation for communication and investigation. Hu Yongyao, the secretary general of the Foundation, introduced the development history of the Foundation, the performance of the projects and the strategic goal to Mrs. Hong Mei. The two parties discussed and analyzed the challenge to be met in the future by aiming at some social problems for the development of the philanthropy. Finally, the two parties hoped to lay the foundation for the future cooperation through this communication. Mrs. Hong Mei, the director of RPA...More>>


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